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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Mules!

Thanks for stopping by my website! My name is Karen Lovell.  I have been involved in the agriculture industry all my life.  I was raised on a large mixed farm in Stettler, Alberta where we farmed, raised beef cattle and horses.  I started riding horses when I was very young. 4-H was a big influence for me while growing up.  It gave me the foundation to moved on to compete in light horse shows and even becoming a light horse show judge.  All my days were spent on the back of a horse.


Donkeys and Mules became my focus in 1995. Seeing the interesting qualities of the long ears, I bought my first mule and never looked back. I soon became involved in the associations and clubs around central Alberta. Learning all I could about them.  


I attended a Cameron Mule Clinic here in Alberta in the early 2000's and returned every year to continue my education. My attendance paid off as in 2006 I was asked by Brad Cameron to travel with him as his clinic assistant! 

I was truly honored!  For the next 6 years, my mule and I traveled and worked with participants from all over the United States and Canada.  Colt starting, mulemanship, cattle working and ranch roping were the clinic focus. This experience was unreal for me and my mulemanship took a huge leap.  

I now run my own mule ranch near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  With a lifetime of experience, I know the importance of good quality mounts and the equipment to keep them comfortable.

Learning the importance of good quality equipment and the lack of products to purchase, led me to start building my own tack.  Starting with mohair cinches in 2017 and now expanding to other mohair products and leather work.  Check out my shop page for all the handmade items we make here on the ranch.  All the equipment I make has been used here on my own mules.

We are gearing down the mule training end of our operation after 30 years but will offer a very limited number of  saddle mules for sale.

Instructions will be limited but watch our blog for dates on clinics and private instructions.  I am always available for phone calls or questions.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my website and my products!  If you have any questions please contact us!


Mules are my life
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