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JUNE 16. 17, 18, 19 – 2022

Rocky mountain house, Alberta

Call or text 403-844-5398


Colt starting – $500

This portion will run all day Thursday,

Mornings – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Mulemanship $400

This portion will run

Afternoons, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Free Camping available

Free pens available

Community tent for socializing

What to bring

Colt starting - bring all your equipment for riding along with a smooth mouth snaffle with detachable reins, flag if you have one.

Mulemanship – bring all your gear along with a smooth mouth snaffle bit.

This is an outside venue so bring appropriate riding gear, boots and raincoats and warm clothes.

Lawn chairs for around the fire

BBQs' and such are available for cooking

Bring your own hay and buckets

Colt starting

Achieving a mental connection

Fence work

Transitions from the ground

Saddling your colt

Lateral work from the ground

First ride


Effective groundwork techniques

Get your mule light and responsive

Introducing the turn around

Hindquarter control and more


Clinic registration for: MULE CLINIC

Clinic dates: June 16, 17, 18, 19, 2022

Location: Rocky Mountain Mule Ranch

Fee: Colt starting $500 Mulemanship $400

Spectator: $50/ day

Guest of participants: Free

NAME: ______________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________

EMAIL: ______________________________________________

PHONE: ___________________________________

To hold your place in the clinic please send a $100.00 Deposit.

_______ $100.00 Deposit

________ $ Pay in full

STALLS/PENS: # of Animals __________

Etransfer email: OR CASH

Karen Lovell

RR 2, Site 1, Box 15

Rocky Mountain House, AB

T4T 2A2 403-844-5398

I am extremely excited to work with you!

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