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Basic training of the saddle mule.

In Mulemanship I, Brad will demonstrate with one of his own mules, then show you how to work though common training problems that you may have by using a previously untrained mule. Brad’s popular “common sense” approach, and easy to follow step-by step- teaching methods, show you how to easily accomplish your own training goals. With Brads Light Response techniques, your mule will learn to follow the feel to your direction as you learn to become a more effective rider.

In Mulemanship I, you will learn how to:

  • Be effective with groundwork techniques
  • Build in an “emergency brake” for panic situations
  • Get your mule light and responsive to your bit, rein, and leg cues
  • Properly back your mule
  • Build in a beautiful straight stop
  • Introduce neck reining and the turnaround
  • Gain control of the hindquarters and the frontquarters
  • Give clear, easy to understand signals to your mule and much more!


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